The Future of IVF- IVF through Stem Cell Technology

Augment” is the new type of IVF procedure through which infertile couples can have a baby with the help of stem cells. The first baby was in Canada through this technology. Through this procedure, the quality of a woman’s egg is enhanced by injecting them with mitochondria taken from her ovarian stem cells.

(Picture: First IVF baby who was born through Stem Cell technique- Taken from TIMES)

Let’s talk about IVF procedure in general:

IVF is a simulation of natural fertilization and pregnancy. In Vitro actually means outside the body, precisely in the laboratory.

In this process, the fertilization of the egg (female cell) and sperm (male cell) takes place in a laboratory dish. Once the fertilization is completed successfully, normal embryo growth begins. Then it’s transferred to the female body in the uterus where implantation takes place. After implantation, embryos normal nourishment is done as of natural way.


(Video: Meet the first IVF baby who was born through Stem Cell technique)

Unlike natural cycle in IVF conventionally ovaries are stimulated to form 10-15 follicles to produce a number of mature eggs as there is a fall out at every stage in IVF.

IVF through stem cell is the new technology, read some of the facts and myths about Augment technology

Some of the frequently asked questions were answered by our expert Dr. Shalini Jain, Director IVF at Sunrise Lifecare Hospital

1.     All the women have stem cells in the ovaries, it is possible that they can make new eggs?

It is a myth that women were born with all the eggs they were ever going to have. A recent research suggested that new eggs are produced throughout the life of women and can be used at the time of IVF.

2.     How can a mother conceive a baby through stem cell technology?

The idea is that mitochondria in young, primitive cells function much better than those in the mature eggs collected through IVF. Collecting and injecting these mitochondria into women’s egg results in an increase in the quality of the IVF result.

3.     What will be the success rate of IVF through stem cell?

Initially, as per research, all the results of stem cell for IVF were successful. But it is hard to draw the conclusion as of now. 36 women in different countries undergo IVF through this technology. Out of 36, 8 are pregnant. The factor of successful IVF depends upon mother medical history, her biological condition, egg quality and much more.

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